Billie Tee Shirt - Banana Yellow

Billie Tee Shirt - Banana Yellow

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Billie Culy Printed Tee in Banana Yellow

A special collaboration between MM and artist Billie Culy.

Billie Culy, examines traditional still life painting and attempts to reconfigure its treatment of colours and textures into the medium of photography. Her images are both records of time spent in suburban and coastal communities, as well as carefully composed explorations of pigment, light and surface texture. Possessing qualities reminiscent of faded still life paintings, Culy’s work explores notions of memory and nostalgia. They are at once a nod to the historical, as they are an attempt to break free from the conventions of traditional still life.

100% Organic Cotton
Screen printed by hand (variations may occur)

Ethically made in New Zealand

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